This tournament is open to players entering grades 6th through 12th grades. A player may participate on multiple teams within the same bracket.

Team Division:
Middle and High School men and women (12-19)

Number of Players Per Team:
Each team may have minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 players to fill their roster.

Bracket Types: (Double elimination)

Length of Game: (15 Points or 15 minutes)
The target score for all games is 15 points, meaning the first team to reach 15 points within 15 minutes of play is declared the winner. If a score of 15 is not achieved within 15 minutes, the team with the most points will be declared the winner. If a game is tied at 14 at the conclusion of 15 minutes, the first team to score in overtime shall be declared the winner. Over-time will start with a flip of a coin.

Change of Possession:
The ball will change possession after every scored baskets and all free-throw
attempts with the exception of Technical, Intentional or Flagrant fouls.

Ball Out-of-Bounds:
A ball out-of-bounds will be taken out from the back-court line.

Jump Ball:
In a jump ball situation, the ball will first go to the team which lost the
opening coin toss, with alternating possessions thereafter.

Substitutions may only be made during a time-out or a “dead ball” situation. currently active in any game must stay positioned behind the back court line and not inside the curbing along the sides of the court. Chair measurements are expected to be in accordance with established