Mentorship (Empowerment)

The Mentoring component of the program is designed to address the rise of negative behaviors and actions of our young people, particularly the minority youth.



Physiological Needs (Healthy Lifestyle)

Our goal is to identify the basic needs for each student and direct them to a support system in the community that will address these needs.



Understanding Self (Dreams)

“Dreams” is all about planning, vision and direction for your life.  To create a vision for your life one has to have the determination to think outside of the box and believe that you are in control of what happens in your life, therefore putting responsibility back on self.



Positive Identity (Self-esteem)

The Drills and Skills program believes that young people who feel valued by others and maintain a good outlook on their personal goals are individuals who are likely to do well in life.


Self-Empowered (Take control of your life)

The Drills and Skills program promotes self-empowerment as an important and necessary skill to have to become successful in school and life.


Self-actualization (Believe in one self)

The Drills and Skills program supports students belief that they have value in this world.

Self-efficacy (I can get things done)

Drills and Skills students will make a difference in the world.

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